Christmas Party With Boat Rental At Lake Travis


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Wondering where to organize the Christmas party for your friends and family? Searching some different venue for the Christmas party? Then must read this blog.



If you want celebrate this Christmas in some different manner then why do not you choose a rental boat as venue for your this season Christmas party venue. Festival season in US is for fun, celebrations, trips, shopping and parties. You can also make this year party extremely different from the rest of the year and memorable by calling your friends and family on Lake Travis for Christmas bash. I have shared some of the tips that can make your decision of partying on the rental boat as one of the most loving moments in your and your friends lives.

1. After rent boat on lake travis, you should decorate it with different colors of balloons and lights.

2. Place a small decorated tree in the center of the deck, with some wrapped gifts that you can give to kids in the party.

3. You can decide a theme for dressing in the party.



4. Rent Party Boat On Lake Travis have inbuilt music systems, so you just have to arrange some CD’s of party music.

5. You can even choose some games in which all of your guests can participate like paper dance, music chairs etc.

6. No party is complete without lavish food and drinks. Arrange good variety of snacks, soft drinks, and alcohol.

All these tips will surely help you for blasting Christmas party while floating on water of beautiful Lake Travis.

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What Do You Need To Know Before Renting A Boat From Boat Rentals On Lake Travis


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Party boats also referred to as Pontoons in which about six to eleven individuals depends upon the size of the vessel can sit and enjoy. They are rented for sailing and party on the floating water over the lake. Many of us also prefer to get pleasure by sailing on the water and have fun.



It is perhaps a house boat for a vacation trip. Renting them is a good way to get pleasure from the wonder of lake for one or a lot of days. Typically these boats are rented for family vacations or for enjoying with a bunch of friends for some hours. You can either rent a lake travis rentals boat for a day, for few hours or for spending few days during vacation.

Almost all pontoons include facility or space for cooking, lounge, bed room and toilet. If you prefer to rent a boat on lake travis along with your friends in a cool and peaceful atmosphere then read the policies of renting boat carefully and also check which model you need to rent. It is quite natural that an accident may occur during sailing or fishing on boats, therefore care ought to be taken selecting a boat for sport, fishing or for any purpose.



One should be very careful before renting a boat, must carefully read all the terms and conditions for hiring a pontoon. You should properly check the hired vessel and confirm that all the safety appliances are there and are in working condition. Also check the promised facilities are really provided in the hired party boat or not.

They are used for party, fishing, swimming and spending some hours or few days during vacation. Boat rentals on lake travis are mostly available near the lake shore, from where anyone can rent a boat easily.

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Party At Lake Travis On Pontoon Boat Rental


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Are you in search for some new and exciting venue for your next party with friends? If you are living in the UK then you have an exciting venue option where you can have a blasting celebration and that is on some pontoon boat rental in any lake, river or sea. There are a number of beautiful lakes in the UK where you can enjoy your holiday, weekend and even can visit there on some special occasion for fun and celebration.




Last month I also got a chance to be a part of the boat party as one of my friends invited me to his birthday bash thrown at Lake Travis. It was a wonderful experience of partying with friends on the rolling water in a rent boat lake Travis.

Pontoon boat rental are one of the best options for celebrating with friends while watching the natural beauty of the lake and the nearby sceneries. After reaching lake side, my friend went to the boat rental office and came out with the captain of the boat. Our rented pontoon was ready and all of our friends entered on the deck and then the captain started the engine. Soon we were in the mid of the lake and the celebration was at its height all of us were dancing, singing and shouting.




With the increasing pace of boat on the water the party was also getting high. We were enjoying the drinks and snacks. Thank to the Fridge in the kitchen of the boat, the drinks were served chilled and snacks were hot because of the microwave.

We spent almost 5 hours on the pontoon boat rental and the experience was unforgettable. I am also planning rent a party boat on lake travis for my wedding anniversary celebration.

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Some Advantages Of Boat Rentals


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If your hobby is boating and you are planning to purchase a boat, then think twice before taking any final step. These days, many marinas are offering boat rental services near the beach, lake and river. They are providing some basic models of boat to the customers on lease for some fixed duration of time and they charge some nominal amount for the booking. It is beneficial to hire a boat instead of buying as buying a new boat is a very costly investment and it also require regular maintenance charges to up keep the boat. In this blog, I have mentioned some basic advantage of Lake Travis Boat Rentals.

1. It is an economic investment when hiring boats for boating or a party, instead of buying a costly boat.

2. If you really want to purchase a boat you can first hire the similar modal of the boat and personally checks the pro’s con’s of the boat.

3. If you are planning for a party on the boat deck in middle of the sea or lake then rent a party boat.

4. If a group of anglers is going for fishing then hiring a fishing boat is the best option.
5. If you would like to spend a whole day with your partner away from the street crowd near shore of the river then you can hire a houseboat.
6. You just have to pay for the duration of time you spent on rental boat not have to bother about wear and tear expenses.

These are some of the basic advantages of rent a party boat.
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What to look when hiring a party boat


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If you are planning to celebrate your girlfriend birthday and give her a surprise party and looking for exciting theme and venue,then party boat is the option for you. You can hire a boat from any the of party boats rental company, by finding their contact number in some local newspaper, magazine or search on the internet. But before hiring a rental party boat you should check some points that will assure you that you will going to have a pleasant party without any misshaping or misunderstanding in terms of rules and rent payment.

Lake Travis Boat RentalsIn this blog I have mentioned some points that everyone should consider before hiring a boat.

1. Always contact with the Lake Travis Boat Rentals Austin (TX) that is reliable and have positive customer feedbacks.

2. Always bargain on the rent they offer you for the boat.

3. Always read the liability waiver carefully before signing it.

4. Always check and confirm the list of things you can carry and cannot carry with you on deck for celebration in advance.

5. Confirm whether pets are allowed on the boat or not.

Rent a Party Boat

6. Confirm whether they require ID cards to confirm, whether invites are eligible to take hard drinks on the boat.

7. Confirm in advance whether the lake austin boat rentals providing only boat or also captain within the rent you deposited for the boat.

8. Check the condition of the boat in advance and confirm that boat is equipped with sufficient life saving gadgets.

Hope this small list helps you a lot while booking the boat for celebrations. Book a party boat now at

Enjoy A Day With Luxury Boating On Lake Travis


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If you are visiting Austin, TX for one day to celebrate a function or birthday party, then you have choosen very great idea. Texas is very beautiful and bold place. Here you can travel into lakes of normal water inside the space with hassle-free and trusted organizations. Texas is place which is best of all age group visitors kids, families, couples, friends and groups. Make an effort to make your party amazing by booking boat rentals.


There are several Luxury Boat Rental Lake Travis Companies which provide you different type of boats. You can take benefit of ski boats, party boats, pontoon boats, daybreak boats at very affordable cost. Rent a boat on lake travis according to your budget and gathering size. Also can take fishing experience here. Lake Travis is best area which offers you very enjoyable things like as swimming, boating, fishing, skiing, eat and have fun around the lake.

But with all these activities, we need a safe and helpful agency which provide us security with their great experience. So, before book your boat rentals confirm company’s experience. And it is better to go there within a group of people for more enjoy or fun. It is very best chance to relax and fresh yourself.


Actually in lake travis boating, boat captain guides all visitors about important things to consider and best landscape around lake. To book your favourite boat ramp, you can visit at and spend a great day at Austin, TX!